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There are 98 million people in the world infected, Mr. Biden announced the strategy against Covid-19


In the past 24 hours, the world has added about 622,000 new infections and 15,500 people died of Covid-19.

Mr. Biden appeared at the memorial service for victims of Covid-19
China built the Covid-19 quarantine area for 4,000 people, and the German blockade lasted
China faced a new wave of Covid-19, the US and India welcomed the good news
As of 6 am on January 22, the pandemic had infected more than 98 million people and claimed the lives of more than 2 million victims, according to Worldometers worldwide statistics site. About 70 million patients have recovered.

There are 98 million people in the world infected, Mr. Biden announced the strategy against Covid-19
Photo: AP
Of the 219 countries and territories that have corona viruses present, the United States is the most severely affected by the epidemic. Over the past 24 hours, the country has added nearly 168,000 new infections to its list of more than 25 million patients, and added more than 3,600 to nearly 420,000 deaths.

Brazil and the UK both have a daily death toll of Covid-19 at over 1,000, proving that epidemics are still very serious in these two countries. The two countries also recorded tens of thousands of new infections.

The new US President announced the anti-Covid-19 strategy

Joe Biden announced a detailed anti-Covid-19 strategy, prioritizing immunization and testing and focusing on the scientific aspect.

The main contents of the "National Strategy for Covid-19 pandemic preparedness and response" were announced by the White House with a statement: "We can and will defeat Covid-19. America deserves. worth (having a strategy) for the Covid-19 pandemic response with the support of science, data and public health ".

The new US president pledged to accelerate universal vaccinations, with the goal of getting 100 million doses of vaccine in his first 100 days in the White House. To this end, he plans to push for the creation of new immunization centers, to move away from gyms, stadiums and schools, and to mobilize an additional 100,000 medical workers.

Shortly after taking office on January 20, Mr. Biden signed an executive order requiring mandatory masking and social exclusion in all federal buildings and federal areas. The new President also plans to bring the US back to the World Health Organization (WHO) after his predecessor, Donald Trump, withdrew Washington from the organization.

China established a center of collective isolation

There are up to 458 monitoring centers in Shijiazhuang City, the capital of Hebei Province in northern China, which are being used for centralized isolation. The reason is that Shijiazhuang is one of the focuses of the new Covid-19 wave.

According to Deputy Mayor Shijiazhuang Manh Tuong Hong, sporadic cases in the city are decreasing and new infections are discovered mainly in surveillance centers. All people in quarantine should have nucleic acid tests done every 2 days.


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As of January 21 noon, a total of 34,029 people have been quarantined at the above centers.

On the same day of January 21, Ha Bac province recorded 20 cases of community infection and 4 cases without symptoms of infection in the community. All are in Shijiazhuang.

There are 98 million people in the world infected, Mr. Biden announced the strategy against Covid-19
An isolation center is under construction in Shijiazhuang on January 20. Photo: Tan Hoa commune
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The number of deaths from Covid-19 in Indonesia was record high

Indonesia, January 21, recorded 346 deaths, the highest level in a day ever. The country also had 27,203 new infections.

The level of infection and death of the pandemic continuously increased, causing many people to worry that hospitals in Indonesia might be overloaded in the near future. According to statistics, the number of beds treating Covid-19 patients in hospitals currently accounts for 87% of the capacity, while the number of beds in the intensive care unit accounts for 82%.

In response to Covid-19, the Indonesian Government decided to extend the order to limit community activities in Java and Bali to February 8.

Moscow relaxes anti-epidemic measures

Citing the success of the mass vaccination campaign, the Mayor of the Russian capital, Sergei Sobyanin, announced a "substantial" relaxation of anti-Covid-19 measures.

Specifically, from January 22, Moscow reopened its museums and bookstores, allowing theaters and cinemas to welcome more visitors. Meanwhile, high schools, sports schools and children's clubs have been resumed live, while university students continue to study distance.

One point has not changed is that pubs and restaurants have to close from 23:00, companies need to ensure at least 30% of employees work from home.