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Teknokrat - Earn more than expenses

Teknokrat - There are so many people who don't realize that in their lives they spend more money than they make, maybe you often do the same thing. With such a pattern, it is certain that you will make a peg always bigger than the pole, where expenditure always exceeds the income generated each month. - If the above always happens in the financial sector, you will certainly accumulate debt every month. Instead of decreasing, the amount of debt will increase. Various expenses that are not even so important, can always occur in finance. Leave this habit, and start to create income that is far greater than expenses from now on.

Teknokrat - Think about ways to make expenses smaller than income, so you can save money every month. Do this easily, that is by setting up an appropriate financial budget, where you can record and detail every penny spent in finance. Identify each expense you make, so you can more easily identify which items are not too important to hold, or at least reduce the amount of expenses at these posts.