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Suggest how to handle fake users?


Special education news of special attention on Thanh Nien tomorrow December 19, 2020 raised the issue of public concern from the case of 'Forging in work' at Dong Do University: Should or not disclose the identity of the buyer by ?
Dong Do University training English with degree 2, though not authorized
/// Gia Han
Dong Do University training English with degree 2, though not authorized
On the newspaper Thanh Nien tomorrow 19.12.2020, in special education news, there are new developments to pay attention regarding the case of "Counterfeiting in work" at Dong Do University as well as proposed handling. What is the responsibility of the user by fake?
Public identity of buyers by or not?
Before this incident, most of the opinions supported the publicity of the identity of Dong Do University diploma buyers so that a similar situation would not happen in the future.
Is there any opinion that it is necessary to determine whether the purchase and sale of such qualifications violates the law, a criminal - civil crime or just at the administrative handling level? If it is against the law, it is necessary to make public identity.
However, there is also a suggestion to review the disclosure of the identity of the buyer by the human factor because cases like this need to be considered in three angles: legal, ethical and human.
The article noted in the special education news on the Thanh Nien print tomorrow (December 19) details the explanations surrounding these two points of view.
Special education news on newspaper printed tomorrow December 19, 2020 - photo 1
Thanh Nien Newspaper has many articles related to the mistakes of Dong Do University

Suggest how to handle fake users?
The Supreme People's Procuracy decided to return the file, requesting additional investigation of the case of "Forging in work" that occurred at Dong Do University. Notably, the Supreme Procuracy said that, according to the list obtained at Dong Do University, there are 626 cases with 2 English degrees, of which 193 cases have not been trained. The conclusions of the new survey only state the data of cases that have been granted degrees without training but a specific list is not clear. Therefore, the Supreme Procuracy finds it necessary to specify the recipients of degrees and responsibilities for each accused in these cases.
For 60 cases of using counterfeit certificates, the investigating agency recently identified 25 people, so the Supreme Procuracy asked to determine what the remaining 35 cases were using fake certificates and propose to handle the blame. appointing party members and civil servants when using fake certificates.
Special education news on Thanh Nien printing newspaper tomorrow will help readers have an overview of the story of Dong Do University's degree sale and purchase that has caused a stir over the past time.