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The Standard


The Standard - Understand the situation of the direction that can be passed

The Standard - Street situations that you can pass also affect your performance when driving. Plus if a close friend for the first time through that road. It would be better if you pay more attention to the situation in more or less and understand the path that you can take. To emphasize the road situation, a close friend can see it through the application of the map on the smartphone, yes. - Long distance travel shouldn't be the same as driving everyday, yes. Long trips with uncontrolled roads can be a problem. Well, one of them is technique so that close friends avoid drowsiness and aches that is by paying attention to the attitude of sitting in the car. Arrange the order of the bench as comfortable as possible, make sure your position can consistently look forward to the end of the hood, can look at the left-right mirror, and arrange the order so that you can do sudden maneuvers. Try to adjust your sitting posture to the same length of your feet and reach your hand on the steering wheel and therefore help your reflexes. Especially when driving, moving gas, brakes, or clutch.

The Standard - Stop at the rest of the room when you are feeling tired. Let the long journey Friends feel safe, no mistake to find out the order of the closest rest room. This place can be so important when you fall for a long traffic jam. If you feel tired, it's better you stop first at the rest room for a break. If you get exhausted and force yourself, you can cause an accident, you know.