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Review the Japanese silver sin hair shampoo after 1 month of use


Recently, I see you guys often tell each other about the benefits of sin hair, I am the one who has used this product before so I will have the most honest reviews about her. End of this article for more information that I want to send you!

The situation I encountered a month ago.
I often get used to dyeing my hair because my favorite color is light, you know if you want to dye your hair with light, you have to bleach your hair every time it's done, it's like throwing away the scalp. extremely. But because of my hobby, I tried bleaching and dyeing, about a month ago my hair started to fall out due to too much dye and I went to see a doctor, the doctor told me I had a hair follicle infection, At that time, itchy rubbish pain and uncomfortable, and there were a lot of tiny, horrible odor, the doctor asked me not to dye my hair anymore if I continued to dye it could lead to a manic condition,

Picture of me a month ago

At that time I didn't know what to do, the doctor gave me some drugs to apply and mistakenly to improve my condition, the doctor recommended that I use natural shampoo that is good for the scalp and absolutely. No dyes can be used anymore.
The reason I know the silver sin hair Japanese shampoo
After 15 days of treatment, the condition of the hair follicle infection was reduced, while at the same time I was less likely to wash my hair, mostly using conditioner to clean my hair, I accidentally recalled my doctor's request. Use natural shampoos.

I went to google search to try "Natural hair dye with no side effects", I happened to read a detailed article about the use of sin hair, I also called the hotlive number of sin hair to ask about it. That hotlive number "0345359345" is a very careful consultant, but I still don't believe it can dye my hair from white to golden to glossy black.

But then I decided to buy and use it to see how if it could help me change from light yellow to black, why can't I use more dye for 6 months, if I dye Maybe the disease will come back.
The feeling of the first time using sin hair
The first time I held this sin hair in my hand on November 2, 2020, I still remember the date as this product made me quite surprised.

The envelope is not as fussy as the normal bodhi shampoo of thorakao. caused from the first wash,

The first time I use sin hair

The feeling of washing in is quite cool, it seems to have ginseng feces to cool the scalp, I have a poisonous ingredient of this child, I see 8 kinds of natural essences, including ginseng and ha thu o two very medicinal herbs. precious and good for the condition of my hair.

What surprised me more is that it helps my hair from platinum to yellow to real black exactly like what the advertisement says, not only that, but it is also shiny like healthy hair.
Evaluation after 1 month of using sin hair
After the first wash, every day I continue to use sin hair for my hair follicle infection, nothing has changed much like after every shampoo, my hair is a little healthier and the skin is affected. The scar also leads to fading.

Talking about the color fastness, I have not come to a conclusion that the former body I see every time I wash my hair is black again, I think it is the same if I continue to use it, but if I use it a lot, it becomes black.

30 days after I used sin hair

She was able to wash her hair quite well, both to restore her hair and to give it shine
Can be used for people with hair inflammation like me
The stronger the hair is used
Especially to help dye hair after just one wash

The price is quite high compared to some shampoos that have the ability to soften the hair
The packaging is not good looking
That is what I see is called a decision, but I really don't see any decision! Maybe I haven't found it yet.
How to use the product as follows
I think she is just like any other normal shampoo, so the instructions should make it clearer for you to understand more, but using it is like the usual shampoo you use.

Here is how I use it:

Step 1: You can wet your hair or let it dry (I find it easier to wet your hair.
Step 2: Add the gels to the hair from the roots to the sweet hair
Step 3: You massage normally for 20 to 30 minutes for yourself to let the essence seep into it.
Step 4: You rinse and dry with a towel can let dry naturally.
I note small things:

You should put a nice lid on the holster for her, don't forget to close the lid
Keep in a dry place from direct sunlight and high humidity
I give this product 4.5 / 5 because I do not know how to criticize it anymore, I hope this sharing helps you guys who are looking forward to understanding.