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Quyen Linh was "stunned" by the beautiful female director on television to look for a boyfriend


The latest episode You want to date is the matchmaking of the couple 'talented boys and girls' Hong An - Diem Huong. Both guests have stable economy, making Quyen Linh and Hong Van admiringly praised.
Quyen Linh gave many compliments to Diem Huong /// Photo: Screenshot
Quyen Linh gave many praise to Diem Huong
The program You want to date episode 692 has just aired with the participation of Nguyen Hong An (37 years old), running a pet shop and Cao Thi Diem Huong (28 years old - Ben Tre), who is a director floor manager of a real estate company in Ho Chi Minh City.
Just listening to the introduction, MC Quyen Linh and Hong Van were "stunned" when matchmaking for this "both talented" couple. Diem Huong has an easy-to-see appearance, has a talent for speaking and business. She also has a strong personality, so she has a bit of a temper. The female director shared that she had experienced 4 love affairs, each lasting from 3 to 5 years. Talking about the reason, she confided that there are many points that are not suitable for the opponent.
Quyen Linh was 'stunned' in front of the beautiful female director on television looking for a boyfriend - photo 1
Diem Huong attracts attention by talking confidently and bravely when participating in a dating program


Before the sharing of the prostitute, MC Quyen Linh immediately walked over to the fence to see her face. He admires Diem Huong's beautiful appearance as well as her talent. The male MC asked about the requirements for a boyfriend, Diem Huong frankly: "You are a bit demanding, you must be mature enough, mature enough. You do not need to be too handsome but need to be over 1.7m high. In terms of personality, I hope to find someone who has the skills, to be a little skillful. Financially, as long as you have a stable job, I am financially independent. too strict you must be rich ".
Meanwhile, Hong An is a person with the will to progress, not drinking. Talking about his weaknesses, he said that he is a bit hot-tempered, easy to trust people. Sharing about his situation, righteousness made Quyen Linh surprised by revealing so many love that he could not tell all.
Quyen Linh was 'shocked' in front of the beautiful female director on television to look for a boyfriend - photo 2
Hong An caused "stunned" when revealing the impossible count


"The main problem after going through a lot of love affairs, I realize that I spend my time and invest too much in my girlfriend. On the contrary, I don't get those things. sitting here today, I feel that I've played enough. I want to redefine my serious and long-term feelings. I hope you have a stable family, "he said. Sharing about his ideal type, Hong An expressed that he wants his future partner to be someone who has looks, cares, takes care of, and balances work and family.
After the love barrier opened, the couple was able to meet and talk to each other directly. Hong An brought a small magic repertoire with a sweet voice that made Quyen Linh admire: "Oh man like that, many love is right. Please teach me this tomorrow." In the conversation, the two have many similar views because they are both business people. Diem Huong frankly said that when she joined the show, she was very serious and wanted to find "the half" to go the rest of with her hands. "You are someone who can reconcile everything, at work, in love and family. Once we have a family, we should know what the final destination is. Part of it is work. Making money but family happiness is important, "she said.
Quyen Linh was "stunned" by the beautiful female director on television to look for a boyfriend - photo 3
The couple deserves praise for sometimes hitting the dating button


On the side of Hong An, he was pleased with the sharing of his girlfriend and felt he had found the right person. Dang Trai added, he could not meet the requirements of Diem Huong's appearance, but there were things that could make up for it. After that, Hong An boldly expressed his love, he wanted the girl to give him the opportunity to learn, date and hope to go far in the future. As a result, the couple Hong An - Diem Huong both pressed the dating button and received the support and blessings of the two MCs and the audience of the studio.