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Phi Nhung is angry with Ho Van Cuong: This time, if you cannot teach your child, it will be over


Phi Nhung caught attention when posting a status line that said Ho Van Cuong was increasingly suffering from star disease. Facing mixed opinions of the online community, the female singer continued to make a new move.
Phi Nhung affirms that if Ho Van Cuong does not change, she will be 'out of love' with her adoptive son /// Photo: TL
Phi Nhung affirms that if Ho Van Cuong does not change, she will be 'out of love' with her adoptive son
Photo: TL
On October 10, Phi Nhung caught the attention of posting a status line related to Ho Van Cuong's adoption. Specifically, the voice of Bong Crazy expressed his frustration: “If it was my baby, I would fight for a match. I don't know how to say hello to anyone in my family, I don't know how to help the children, I don't know how to clean the altar, clean the house in the first year, and eat with my family. For one year, apart from going to school and singing, it is down to the house, the remaining 24/24 in the room. Sorry, I can't teach you, I have to ask the online community to teach you.
In her article, Phi Nhung affirms that she accepts to let people blame her, but cannot let her child spoil. The female singer expressed the point of view: “If not next year, it is difficult to teach children. Mom forbade all Ho Van Cuong fans to spoil her too, she will have star disease. This time, the mother taught me if I could not do it again, it was all over Too frustrated. "Immediately, this status line received the attention of netizens. Many people were surprised by the information that Phi Nhung posted, agreeing with the way of teaching the female singer's determination. There is also a mixed opinion when the singer Falling in love with Ben Tre's daughter brings this private story to social networks.
Phi Nhung is angry with Ho Van Cuong: This time, if you cannot teach a child, it will be all right - photo 1
Many viewers are worried about the relationship between the mother and daughter Phi Nhung when reading the female singer's sharing

Photo: TL

On the afternoon of February 11, Phi Nhung continued to publish articles discussing how to teach children. Specifically, when receiving mixed reactions about the state line related to Ho Van Cuong before, the female singer frankly: “People praise me, it's fine to criticize me, love me, love me, hate me. Yes ... but my own baby is spoiled, I cannot accept. Simply colorful life, whatever comes in life gives my children and me a valuable lesson. Just accept and change yourself better and better ".

Not stopping there, Phi Nhung said that the incident between her and Ho Van Cuong was still in a "very pleasant" situation when a mother scolded her child.However, comments in favor of the singer born in 2003 caused She is not satisfied. The female singer has the concept of "love for the whip", and added: "Love and defend idols, first to shake her brain and ask: How much do I know, how much do I understand? live people? Is it possible to live instead of a person's life? Don't think about the lyrics of some idol's songs, like a few pictures and assume that the artist just needs to live up to his own will. The artist's life doesn't just exist on the stage. It's not just the aura and the applause. In times of tripping, accidents, crisis, artists without family, teammates beside them, who do artists rely on? Fans on the keyboard? ”.
Phi Nhung is angry at Ho Van Cuong: This time if you cannot teach your child, it will be all right - photo 2
The singer said that defending Ho Van Cuong who is living with real age is unreasonable

Photo: FBNV

Phi Nhung hopes that the audience loves the artist, "do not push people into a dead end." She thinks that at present, there are many adult child stars who cannot keep the aura due to too much confidence in the unconditional support of Particularly about the incident of her adoptive child, the singer frankly: "No one is free to scold strangers, especially when that scolding brings countless consequences without any benefit. But not using the position of a star, this or that artist, but using the position of a adoptive mother and accepting trade-offs at prices that are not cheap. Why, when 20 years of singing, ba has not had the slightest sound? Speak a little, understand a lot.In this showbiz world, people want to harm each other, flatter, bring each other to the clouds, not scold anyone to others. But again a little bit, the people who are instigating Cuong to be stronger and more confident, how many people are walking with the boy half the distance of her father now ”.
After joining and crowning Vietnam Idol Kids 2016, Ho Van Cuong was adopted by Phi Nhung. When researching and knowing the situation of this singing boy, the female singer decided to take care of all the tuition fees, to support him in art activities. Ho Van Cuong is facilitated by his adoptive mother to participate in domestic and overseas music programs. In an interview, when sharing about her adoptive son Ho Van Cuong, Phi Nhung confirmed that she still kept her original criteria when she adopted the baby. Specifically, the female singer will let the champion Vietnam Idol Kids 2016 focus on studying. Only on weekends, I can go out with my mother. The 17-year-old singer said that she was never beaten by her adoptive mother, but she was still taught to be very strict. Ho Van Cuong was often scolded by Phi Nhung if he sang the wrong rhythm, went to school late, and was criticized by his teacher.