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New York Times: Mr. Trump discusses how to pardon himself


TTO - Two sources familiar with the New York Times on January 7 revealed that President Donald Trump had told his advisers he wanted to pardon himself on the last days of his term. No US president has ever done the same.
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New York Times: Mr. Trump discusses how to pardon himself - Photo 1.
In 2018, President Trump once claimed he had absolute power to amnesty for himself but insisted that there was no need to do it because there was nothing wrong - Photo: REUTERS

According to the New York Times, the issue of self-amnesty has been discussed by Mr. Trump since the 3-11 election day last year. The President asked his aides whether he should do this and what are the legal and political consequences, according to two New York Times sources.

Information released by the New York Times on January 7 attracted attention in the context of the United States having just witnessed the riots at Capitol Hill on January 6. It is not yet clear whether Trump will re-initiate this after the events at the National Assembly building.

According to US media, the hundreds of people who interrupted the electoral college vote count have attended the Trump supporters event. The President also appeared and gave a speech encouraging his supporters to go straight to the Parliament building "under his leadership".

Lawyer Pat Cipollone, a White House legal advisor, warned President Trump could face legal consequences for calling for supporters to march to Capitol Hill. Earlier, a federal prosecutor in charge of the capital Washington said that the prosecution of anyone involved in the Capitol Hill rioting is not ruled out.

According to the New York Times, Trump increasingly believes his political opponents will use legal tools against him after he leaves the White House. The President has discussed with officials amnesty to a series of people close to him such as sons Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump, daughter Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner.

Although amnesty is a prerogative of the US president, no president has ever pardoned himself. The New York Times hinted Mr. Trump may be thinking of taking this unprecedented move after what happened on Capitol Hill and Georgia.

Before the riot in the Parliament building, President Trump called Georgia officials and pressured them to "find 11,780 more votes" for him to win against Joe Biden. After the incident was announced, some Democrats have called for a criminal investigation of Mr. Trump.

A presidential pardon can protect people who are pardoned from prosecution under federal law. However, these people can still be prosecuted under state law.

President Trump is and likely will face numerous lawsuits and investigations at the state level after leaving the White House.