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Mexico: The beauty queen is about to go to jail to old, public opinion "can not believe it"


Laura Mojica Romero - 2018's Oaxaca state beauty queen winner - is facing a 50-year prison sentence for organized kidnapping.

Police said Romero was involved in a gang specializing in kidnapping and extortion in the states of Oaxaca and Veracruz.

Thanks to her charming beauty and talent, Romero is very famous not only in the state of Oaxaca but also in Mexico. She participated in the Miss Mexico 2019 contest and achieved high results.

On February 16, Veracruz state police announced the arrest of eight suspects, including Romero. The suspects are accused of organized blackmail kidnapping.

Many netizens in Mexico are confusing and unbelievable when a beautiful, rich woman like Romero becomes a kidnapping criminal. However, the police confirmed that the criminal group that Romero participated in had carried out many professional kidnapping missions.

“Whoever it is. No matter how famous, rich or beautiful the person is, we will never forgive anyone who harms the people of Veracruz, ”said the Veracruz state police.

A judge in Veracruz revealed, the police have prepared more than 2 months to set up a project, summarizing a group of criminals kidnapping with the participation of the beautiful Romero.

If sentenced to 50 years in prison, after getting out of bars, Romero has become an old lady. Romero often shows off his wealth on social networks and claims to be a beauty "unbeatable".

“I don't just have more beauty than people. I also graduated from university with a bachelor's degree in economics, ”said Romero during the Miss 2019 pageant.