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The main types of work on the maintenance of diesel power plants


The heart of any diesel generator is an engine, an alternator and an automatic control system that allows the engine to function properly. We have described the importance of maintenance in general in the article "Why Serve a Standby Diesel Generator?" ... And now we want to sort out each service bit by bit. To make it easier for the specialists responsible for diesel generators and their owners to navigate.

Changing the oil and oil filter

The main service for the engine is oil and oil filter change. Usually done every six months, or every 250 motorcycle hours of run. Please note that the oil needs to be changed as soon as any of these events occurs, and there is no need to wait until both scenarios are realized. We have already written in the article about "why change the oil in the diesel generator set every six months . " It contains a detailed analysis. Here we will briefly repeat that modern oils contain additives that decompose under mechanical and thermal stress. And modern standby generators are completely equipped with heating systems for guaranteed start-up. That is, the thermal effect on the oil appears even when the diesel generator set is in standby mode.
The result of skipping the oil change may result in the error "low oil pressure" and the refusal of the DGS to start. Therefore, oil change is mandatory in facilities where the generator affects safety and in enterprises critically dependent on a guaranteed power source.
If your diesel generator does not have a heater, remember that additives decompose on their own. And even car oil is recommended to be changed once a year if the car has never started and has stood in the garage.

Replacing the fuel filter

Unlike modern oils, the fuel itself is organic. And diesel is no exception. It contains bacteria that decompose it. Plus the ubiquitous additives. In general, all this clogs the fuel filter, paraffinizing and contaminating the membrane layer. The result is that the normal fuel supply stops. DES goes into an accident. Your business gets downtime for several hours or more. Plus diagnostics, plus the filter will still have to be changed. So it is not possible to win on refusal to replace the fuel filter. Fortunately, it changes half as often as oil. That is, once a year with routine maintenance TO-3 (TO-1000). But, if you do not produce fuel in a year, and do not change, then it is better to change the fuel filter every six months.

Replacing the air filter

There are legends that the air filter can be left unchanged for as much as 500 motorcycle hours. We can agree if your diesel power plant is in a dust-free clean room. But in fact, imagine what will happen if you don’t wipe the dust in your apartment for a year? How thick will the layer build up? Centimeter? And if we take into account that there is humidity in the room, which is absorbed by the paper layer of the filter, then a decent patina of moist dense dust is obtained, which, according to the research of filter manufacturers, increases the resistance during air intake by 50%. You yourself understand that there can be no question of any reliable acceptance of the load and output to the rated power. In general, the filter must be replaced with a new one once a year.

Cleaning the air filter

Yes, we know that an air filter is usually the most expensive filter of all. But doing nothing is not an option for a responsible engineer. There is a solution: the filter can be cleaned with a brush if you want to save money. And usually this is enough to restore performance. Yes, yes, just remove the air filter and walk with a brush, or blow it out with a compressor if it is a capsule one. And by the way, our basic service TO-3 includes filter cleaning. But!!! The diesel generator set filter can be cleaned up to two times. Further, the filter paper deteriorates under the mechanical action of the brush. And if you have a critical load on your diesel generator set, then just change the filter once a year. Because a cleaned filter is not a new filter. New is always more reliable. In the TO-3 Pro service, we change the filters.

Replacement of antifreeze, pressure testing

And again about additives and about heating. We don't have much to add. Antifreeze decomposes when exposed to heat. And it needs to be changed once a year, if you do not want to find out later where the thermostats are located in the cooling system and how much they cost.

Checking the concentration of antifreeze and topping up

As with the air filter, if you are a zealous owner, then before changing the antifreeze, you can measure its concentration, at the same time check its level. If everything is in order with the concentration, then it is possible to just add antifreeze. If the concentration is not much lower than normal, you can make a partial change to raise it. This will save you money. However, remember. The service life of any antifreeze is three years. In the third year, replacement is required. Or antifreeze decomposed to water can freeze in winter, simultaneously bursting pipes and fittings. Or, when operating at rated power, it may not transfer heat as efficiently, resulting in overheating. As it was in one well-known insurance company.

Checking the opening temperature of the thermostat

It is imperative to check the operation of the thermostats. A failed thermostat in a closed state guarantees DHS overheating and shutdown. A stuck thermostat in the open state cools the diesel power plant to temperatures below the temperature of the guaranteed start-up. Especially smart diesel generators simply do not start, displaying a message on the control panel that the temperature is below normal. That is, an accident.

Checking the fan belt tensioner and wear

If the belt is not checked, sooner or later it will break. No fan - hello overheating, shutdown, business downtime, possible casualties. If checked, it is possible to identify in advance a possible failure of the belt and change it.

Draining condensate from the filter separator

When there is no room for water in the separator, water flows into the engine. And the engine is happy. Glad to extend a fist of friendship. Yet water is one of the worst compressible substances in nature. It is easier for a piston to bend a valve or make a hole in the wall of an electric generator than to compress an incompressible one.