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Increased power generator


The heart of any diesel generator is an engine, an alternator and an automatic control system that allows the engine to function properly. We have described the importance of maintenance in general in the article "Why Serve a Standby Diesel Generator?" ... And now we want to sort out each service bit by bit. To make it easier for the specialists responsible for diesel generators and their owners to navigate.

The SKAT assortment has a new product - an 8.2 kW generator. Usually on sale you can find capacities of 6.0 and 7.5 kW, Skat also has such models. But buyers often ask, is there more powerful? Therefore, SKAT does not stand still and develops new models. Inside the new model is the same engine - 459 cubic centimeters. But the electrical part has changed, which made it possible to increase power without additional load on the engine. An additional 700 watts seems to be a little, but when you connect welding machines to the generator, several powerful hand-held power tools, heating devices, pumps at the same time, then this power no longer seems superfluous and insignificant.

Your choice: model UGB-8200 - manual start, for this it is not necessary to have great power, the decompressor will make the start easy.

If you want more comfort, pay attention to the UGB-8200E model - it is started both manually and by pressing a button.

UGB-8200E / AUTO can be put on a cottage or an enterprise, and when the central network is turned off, it will automatically start and supply energy to your consumers. And it will also automatically react when the central network is working.

And the UGB-8200ET model will provide you with both three-phase and single-phase electricity. With a conventional three-phase generator, only one-third of the single-phase power can be removed, and with this three-phase generator, the full power can be removed. That is, the UGB-8200ET model can produce 8.2 kW, both for 380 and 220 volts. And this is very convenient - for example, a three-phase refrigerator has worked on a generator in the summer season, and in cold weather, powerful heating equipment can be connected to the generator. These are the hard workers we have. Only it is impossible to use single-phase and three-phase voltage at the same time, either 220 or 380.