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How to Make Salted Eggs


How to Make Salted Eggs, Are You a Fan of Salted Eggs? Or do you have a desire to get into the world of salty egg business? Salted eggs are indeed one of the preserved foods that taste good. In addition salted eggs also contain a lot of Calories, Protein, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-1 etc.

To make it is also not difficult. Here will be explained in detail how to make salted eggs. The explanation is text and will be clarified with the video. Interested isn't it? Let's learn how to create it right away.

Choose a good quality duck egg

Wash the eggs and clean the eggs from the inherent impurities (preferably when using warm water)

Dry the washed eggs by wiping

Sand the entire surface of the egg evenly so that the pores are open. When sanding do not take too long because the eggshell will get thinner so it will be easier to crack or break

Make the marinated dough. First make a mixture of rub ash and salt with a ratio of 1:1. After that add water to taste until it forms a paste. In addition to rub ash can also use red brick powder

Wrap each egg with the dough evenly on the surface of the egg with a thickness of ±2 mm

Store the eggs in a plastic bucket for 2-3 weeks and place them in an open space. The longer the salt content in the egg will be higher so that the egg will last longer but the taste will be more salty

When you're done cleaning the eggs and make sure they're intact and good

If you want salted eggs to last longer, soak the eggs in a tea solution for ± 1 week. This is done so that the tannins contained in the tea leaves can cover the pores of the previously exposed eggshells due to the process of dispelling

Clean and boil salted eggs until thoroughly cooked

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