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How To Fix hp error 59.f0


59.F0 blunder ITB Contact Alienation mistake HP LaserJet Enterprise Color CP3525DN CM3530 CM3530FS

For a 59.F0 blunder, for the most part we suggest you have a go at reseating the exchange belt gathering a few times, likewise have a go at reseating the toner and the fuser get together.

In the event that you have extras of any of these parts you can introduce them to help dispense with offenders. The issue can be a coming up short Transfer Belt Assembly.

There is additionally a Fuser Drive Assembly component which can fall flat, which turns a banner on your exchange belt gathering.

You can test the Fuser Drive Assembly, see our directions underneath. Additionally underneath is a photograph of the rigging you should watch amid the test to check whether the apparatus turns appropriately. Typically if the Drive Assembly is harmed that rigging will "skip" or even not turn by any stretch of the imagination. In the event that you are hearing a "clicking" clamor as this trials, all things considered, this Fuser Drive Assembly is harmed and needs supplanting.

Adhere to the directions beneath to Perform an "ITB Contact Alienation" test:

1. Open the correct side entryway and expel the exchange belt get together.
2. Open the toner get to entryway, and expel the Cyan cartridge.
3. Allude to the image which is beneath, embed a flatblade screwdriver into the little space on the front, keep that screwdriver embedded while you run the test. The screwdriver is pushing on a switch inside the opening which reproduces the toner get to entryway is shut.
4. Press the Menu catch and utilize the Down Arrow to discover DIAGNOSTICS. Press OK.
5. Press the Down bolt until you discover COMPONENT TEST, press OK.

6. Press the Down bolt until you feature ITB CONTACT/ALIENATION, and press OK. When you press OK, you should begin viewing the little white rigging indicated in the joined picture. You may require an electric lamp to see obviously. Amid this test little apparatus should turn, and our theory is, the rigging isn't turning or in the event that it spins, it skips. In the event that you hear a clicking commotion amid activity, that is additionally a sign the Fuser Drive Assembly is harmed.

Presently, in the event that you have decided the Fuser Drive Assembly is the issue, we do sell this part. Be that as it may, remember it is an enormous activity to introduce this part, normally a 2-3 hour occupation. As a rule, clients would like to have a professional introduce it or else supplant the printer. Us a call with any inquiries, 866-352-7108. Likewise, there are 2 renditions of the fuser drive gathering, on the off chance that you have a duplexing machine (CP3525DN , CP3525X , CM3530 , CM3530FS) you need the duplexing fuser drive get together, on the off chance that you have a simplex machine (CP3525N) you will require the simplex drive get together.

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