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How To Activate Mcafee Online From Mcafee.Com/Activate.


McAfee software has several features like protection against viruses and malware, permanently delete the damaged data, protection for many devices, etc. This antivirus finds new viruses and malware on the users' system that enter while surfing untrustworthy websites or using email. It will indicate the users about unknown and viruses infected sites and stop the users from downloading any content from those sites to their system and also halt the users from attaching malware documents. In case you are a new user of McAfee antivirus and do not know how to download, install and activate it, then go to and sign up.

Steps for purchasing McAfee online
Visit the official site of McAfee and then go through these steps listed below:

Open the URL
The users have to select whichever McAfee product they like to download on the device located at the “Product & Services” option.
Select the year for how much time the users wish to use McAfee and then purchase this McAfee subscription according to the needs.
Click “Buy Now” button to proceed to the next step.
Check the “Shopping bag” located on the right-hand column.
After that, go for the payment step.
The users will get different types of payment method which includes debit or credit card, or any other methods.
The option of writing the email address and password will appear on the screen.
In case the users already a member of McAfee, then type the username and password.
In case the users are not a member of McAfee, type the required detail which includes user name, birth date, valid email ID and a strong password.
The users can also use the McAfee webpage as a guest, but it will be good to make an account or use with a registered email ID.
Select any one method to make payment for McAfee subscription.
The online purchasing method of McAfee antivirus is finished.
Steps for purchasing McAfee offline
If the users wish to buy the McAfee through offline method, then they have to go to the shop and ask for the McAfee setup disk. Complete the payment method by paying with any debit or credit card and go through the steps listed below to buy the McAfee online.

The user can buy McAfee antivirus and its other products by going to the shop.
The additional method of buying the products of McAfee is to visit online shopping sites.
If the user bought the disk through the market, then they will get product code which contains the 25-digit alphanumeric character at the end of the cover.

Steps for downloading McAfee Antivirus
In case you are worry about the safety of your data then download McAfee antivirus by following the given steps:

Open the site
This site will display 25-digit alphanumeric product code on the startup page.
Click the “My Account” button and type the Sign in email address and password there.
Select any system where the users like to download the McAfee Activate.
Choose the product of McAfee, and the users had purchased through online method.
After that, tap “Downloads” button.