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House Decors


House Decors - Designing a social room turned into a Mediterranean-type Guest Area

House Decors - In Western architecture, the living area is an area in a residence or apartment for relaxing and socializing. The meaning of the first living room was introduced at the beginning of the 20th era. This area is also said to be a sitting area given the point of being an area for socializing by sitting on a bench. There are also those who say it is the front area, considering that it is located right near the front door. In large houses built in the past, a private guest area is presented near the bedroom, for example Queen's Sitting Room and Lincoln Sitting Room in the White House. - The arrangement of the guest area is so controlled by culture in all countries. If a Western-style guest area is added with sofas, chairs, coffee tables, table lamps and fireplaces, the traditional Japanese guest area is added with a type of mat or seat called tatami. In short, the arrangement of the guest area reflects the nature and desire of the homeowner in visual aesthetics. Therefore, that is a natural matter when homeowners everywhere (including Indonesia) manage their guest areas with various tricks so that they do not appear embarrassing in the eyes of many guests who have visited. In some countries, the guest area also has the function of being an integrated family area with a dining and kitchen area. This appropriate area arrangement is said to be interior open planning, which is mostly practiced in homes with no broad dimensions. With the next step, communication between people who live in the house and communication between guests and those who live in other homes becomes more open, given the absence of walls that limit each area.