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Hahaha!!! This is the result if the father is asked to care for the child


We all know that a father is actually the backbone of the family who is obliged to work to support his wife and children. It's different when it comes to housekeeping and child care, because there are mothers who are ready to serve the family from morning to night.

Even so, it does not mean that a father cannot be relied on in taking care of things at your house. Such as helping the wife cook, clean the house, even take care of the children when the wife is busy or sick.

Speaking of fathers , have you ever imagined how they would take care of their children?

Because it is a matter of habit, taking care of a baby is certainly not easy, where parents are required to be more sensitive and understand what their baby needs. So what if fathers who are rarely at home have to take care of their children?

Well, here are portraits of fathers when their wives are asked to take care of their babies. It turns out that the way they take care of babies is unique and cute. Get ready or not!

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