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Fox News: Mr. Trump sees a share of the 6-1 riot duty


(PLO) - Former US President Donald Trump will meet Republican minority leader in House Kevin McCarthy on Jan. 28 (local time) to discuss his impeachment, Fox News reported.
Former Secretary of State Pompeo takes important steps after leaving office
Mr. McCarthy opposed the impeachment of Mr. Trump, instead he was open to the possibility of issuing a resolution reprimanding Mr. Trump regarding the riots at the National Assembly building on January 6. A source told Fox News that Trump once told McCarthy he felt a sense of responsibility for the January 6 riots.
Meanwhile, according to CBS News, on January 27, Senate Democratic majority leader Chuck Schumer confirmed that the impeachment session of Mr. Trump would still take place, although the previous session showed that there would be no enough senators (TNS) needed to charge Trump.

Fox News: Mr. Trump sees part of the riot duty 6-1 - photo 1
Former US President Donald Trump (right) and House Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy (left). Photo: TWITTER

During the January 26 proceedings, 45 Republicans supported TNS Rand Paul's request to cancel the impeachment session because of the unconstitutional, because Mr. Trump was no longer the president. 55 TNS (50 Democrats, Year Republicans, including minority leader Mitch McConnell) opposed to cancel the impeachment session. This fact shows that the Senate is unlikely to have the 67 TNS needed to support the Trump accusation.
Since leaving the White House, Mr. Trump has been in Florida. Earlier this week he established the former president's office in Palm Beach County (Florida) with activities to promote American interests.