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Foreign Minister of Zimbabwe died of Covid-19, partially blocked by Beijing


"I lost a friend, he fought his whole life to make Zimbabwe free," CNN quoted Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Twitter.

The Zimbabwe Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) statement said that the country's hospitals are currently unable to cope with the rapid increase in new infections.

Foreign Minister of Zimbabwe died of Covid-19, partially blocked by Beijing
Foreign Minister Zimbabwe died because of Covid-19, China blockade the capital
"ZADHR should emphasize the limited ability of medical facilities to respond to the treatment needs of patients. The continued increase in new infections has overwhelmed hospitals, and cannot afford the number of patients hospitalized by Covid-19, ”CNN quoted an excerpt from the ZADHR statement.

Data from John Hopkins University shows that the Covid-19 epidemic in Zimbabwe has recently increased dramatically. Half of the total more than 28,670 cases and 825 deaths in the country have been recorded since Christmas.

Global epidemic situation

The Covid-19 epidemic has infected more than 97 million people globally, of which more than 2.07 million have died. The above figures were updated by Worldometers at 3am this morning (January 21). In addition, the number of recovery cases in the world reached more than 69.5 million people.

The US is the most affected country in the world, with the total number of infected and killed more than 24.8 million and 412,693. The second largest outbreak in the world is India with more than 10.6 million people infected and 152,886 deaths. Next is Brazil with more than 8.5 million people sick, including 211,646 people of which died.

Beijing partially blocked


iTVC from Admicro
Channel News Asia said that a partial blockade on the capital Beijing took effect after city officials discovered seven new cases on January 20, including six coming from south Dai district. Hung.

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All 1.6 million residents living in Daxing District will not be allowed to leave Beijing, unless they get permission from the authorities, and must submit negative Covid-19 test results for the past three days. Meetings of more than 50 people are forbidden, "the wedding must be canceled and the funeral is simply organized".

According to Worldmeters data as of January 21, China had recorded 88,557 cases, of which 4,635 died.

Europe approves Russian Covid-19 vaccine

RT news agency quoted the Gamaleya research institute, Russia on January 20, saying they had a meeting with the European Health Care Authority a day earlier to discuss the application for vaccination. vaccination Covid-19 Sputnik V in Europe, through which the European Pharmaceutical Authority (EMA) will decide to approve the vaccine for use in Europe next February.

Since being announced in August 2020, Sputnik V vaccine has been produced and distributed by Russia to many countries around the world. Some experts say that the level of prevention after two injections of Sputnik V is more than 90%, the price is also cheaper and the storage is also easier than many other Covid-19 vaccines.