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There are many customers who do not understand and have no knowledge about what size sofa is enough and right for their living room apartment. For each apartment, there is a different sofa area. Because in the design of the apartment, no one is like anyone, everyone wants to make a difference in their living space. So when the sofa is decorated with different sizes, here are the sharing of how to choose a sofa with a sufficient size.

In terms of sofa couch, it can be divided into 2 main types of sofa as follows: sofa sofa with felt and leather sofa. But sofa size is based on the design style of each sofa, let's find out with SKYSOFA.

1. Sofa sofa 1 person (Single chair)

According to people in the sofa furniture industry, no one calls the one-person sofa the one-person sofa. Instead, they will call it a single sofa because it is designed exclusively for one person and its size does not meet the standard called sofa sofa.