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The cycle of infection with Covid-19 in Ho Chi Minh City shortened to 3 days


Previously, the old cycle of nCoV infection was 5-7 days, now related to the translation phrase Tan Son Nhat, the cycle shortened to only 3-4 days, according to Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son.

Visiting Cu Chi Field Hospital on the morning of February 11, Deputy Minister Son said that it is not currently possible to explain why the cycle of nCoV infection is shortened, as well as why the abnormality occurs, which is F2 positive while F1 is negative. count. To find the answer, we need to wait for the sequence of the virus gene.

Pasteur Institute is sequencing virus genes in patients with epidemic Tan Son Nhat, expected results on 12/2, according to Deputy Minister Son. At that time, it was known that nCoV in this translation cluster compared to strains in Hai Duong, South Africa, England ... was coincident or mutated. Depending on the new strain, the chance of tracking F0 is assessed as high or low, as well as for the anomalies mentioned above.

Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Truong Son. Photo: Thu Anh.
Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Truong Son. Photo: Thu Anh.

Deputy Minister Son said that the epidemic cluster with an infectious chain among loading and unloading workers at Tan Son Nhat airport has basically been zoned and controlled. However, the cluster of 25 infections in the community "cannot say anything". Recently, the city has blocked more new locations related to the 25-case cluster, indicating that the epidemic will be very complicated in the near future.

There are currently two explanations of "unexpected situation" when F1 is positive but F1 is negative, that F1 was infected, spread to F2, when F1 was found positive, F1 was already cured. Or, it is F1 that is the source of transmission for "patient 1979" and the F2. Vice Minister Son proposed a third, much more worrying hypothesis. That is, F2 is not infected from F1 but infected from a pathogen hidden in the community. The pathogen leaking from the previous outbreaks has no characteristic Covid-19 symptoms, so it has not been detected.

He emphasized that it is the responsibility of scientists to find the most suitable hypotheses and explain them.

"And now, still need to wait for the results of genetic sequencing. Parallel to waiting, to conduct tracing, taking samples in the broader community, the F0 tracing in HCMC is no longer important", Deputy Minister Son said.

In the past six days, the city has recorded 33 cases of infections related to the epidemic cluster at Tan Son Nhat airport. In which, 8 patients work in the same group of loading and unloading staff, supervising goods in the aircraft parking lot, 25 cases infected are family members, neighbors ... of them.

These are the cases discovered by taking samples to monitor all employees working at the airport from January 30 to present. The city was in trouble because the source of the infection and the start of the outbreak had not been determined. The Ministry of Health has established a special standing unit, led by Deputy Minister Son, to provide aid to Ho Chi Minh City to suppress the epidemic. Yesterday, 30,000 rapid antigen tests were transferred to the city by the Ministry of Health priority, serving quick tests for all Tan Son Nhat airport staff before they go to work.