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The Cradle of Human Civilization


About 4.5 million years ago, in a declining forest in East Africa, the Earth witnessed something that had never happened in its 13.49 billion years of existence. This event while seemingly insignificant, will change the course of the planet's history forever.

I'm talking about the evolution of humans.

Now, I'm not here to debate about whether evolution happened or not (because there are some people here who do not have the same conviction I have about the veracity of evolution); I simply started this way because it is necessary for the journey we are going to take down the roads of history.

Africa has always been a fascinating place; it is the second largest continent on the planet, has 54 countries with about 5000 different languages. These speak of the amazing people living in it with diverse origins and cultures.

In the modern world, Africa is seen as a backward continent, with little to no technological advancements. (I use the term "advancement" to mean "innovation". Africa is hardly a place where new inventions are birthed.) Most (if not all the countries in Africa) are third world countries, which means that we are "in the past".

But did you know that things were not always like this?

Scientists believe that by 200,000 years ago, some group of humans crossed into the continent of Asia, colonized it and eventually spread out to Europe and eventually the Americas.

The African continent has seen a lot of things, from having a large number of its inhabitants shipped off to slavery, to having the descendants of the people who left the continent colonize its citizens, it has seen it all.

Africa has also been home to some of the most amazing civilizations on the planet. Of course we all know about the Egyptian civilization, but there are many others that testify to the greatness of this continent and its inhabitants.

Here are seven of the lesser known civilizations of ancient Africa: