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Cặp vợ chồng 'tấu hài' qua tin nhắn


Whenever Thanh Tung confesses 'I - she', Anh Ngoc immediately takes on the role of 'guy-concubine' and together plays all kinds of comedies from linguistic, ancient, and swordplay.

"Good morning, hero! Please have breakfast", Anh Ngoc message, with the image of a plate of pancakes. Her husband immediately replied, "Wow, it's true that a hero cannot pass his stomach. My lady is so brilliant."

"Too commendable! I'm just dancing an ax through the eyes of a worker, coming to live for his children," the wife replied quickly.

A conversation of the couple Thanh Tung.

This is an excerpt from the couple Anh Ngoc and Thanh Tung. The husband is an IT engineer in Japan, and his wife and two sons are in her hometown of Hai Duong. Due to Covid-19 they were unable to reunite.

Everyday, old-fashioned text message conversations are exchanged by couples in a juggling fashion, helping them to have more cheerful energy for the new day.

"But even though we are not together, the" immersive "style through text messages helps us to love each other even more," the wife said.

The couple's texting style started more than three years ago, when Ngoc was pregnant. She had a miscarriage once, so that time she was very stressed. Every day when he comes home, the husband opens the movie `` Three Kingdoms '' to watch and says: "Let me see my wife, my son will become a hero in the future, and he will go wild with his father". The wife at first did not like soldiers, but also watched her husband. And also since then, Tung has started "role-playing" to make his wife always happy.

"Normally we are just like many other families. But when one side plays the role, the other side will respond", Anh Ngoc shared.

Anh Ngoc and her husband at the time were in Japan with their first son. They now have a baby nearly 3 years old, a baby 7 months old. Photo: Character provided.
Anh Ngoc and her husband at the time were in Japan with their first son. They now have a baby nearly 3 years old, a baby 7 months old. Photo: Character provided.

Even when they are angry, they can "catch up" immediately. In the text "comedy" in the past few years, Ngoc remembers the most "discovery": "We have a wife like a kite and a wind, like a dog and a bone". This sentence makes both husband and wife unable to help laughing when they remember. When Ngoc shared on Facebook, their friends were also excitedly role-playing.

When I first met 6 years ago, Ngoc thought that the technical boy was dry, but together, she felt that he was "introverted, gentle, small and loving to his wife and children".

In addition to juggling through text messages, to be worthy of her husband playing the guitar, Ngoc also gropes to learn the piano. Whenever free or meeting friends, they have the opportunity to show off. Ngoc also showed off, before getting married, she did not like the main female, but because her husband liked it, she also tinkered with fruit cakes, embroidered them to give her husband and children special occasions.

The couple mentions that, there are only 24 hours a day, so they always try to make both of them happy, to focus on doing their jobs well. "Husband and wife lived together inevitably at that time, but when they give each other a wedding ring, it means 'patient', always sharing, listening, understanding, giving in to each other," said the wife