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Best Warehouse and Shelving Solutions in Pennsylvania


We, United Rack Solutions are highly recognized for industry-leading pallet racking and material handling solutions provider and services such as: wire mesh decking, industrial wire containers, pallet supports, pallet rack protection products, and rack repair solutions.

We are offering below written products and services:

<b>Pallet Racking:</b>
Pallet racking is perfect storage system to store and organize product pallets in warehouse. Teardrop is most common style roll formed pallet rack in USA market today. We stock teardrop style uprights and beams in various sizes and capacities for ihigh-densitypment.
Wire Decking
Wire decking is an often forgotten but essential accessory when it comes time to develop an effective pallet rack structure in your warehouse. Wire decking is sturdier and more reliable than wood decking or 2″ x 4″ planks and can help businesses comply with fire codes. Wire decking also makes loading and unloading safer by adding surface area to the shelving level.
Cantilever Racking
Structural steel cantilever rack storage systems are multi-level, high density storage racks designed to handle hundreds of different types and sizes of products with freedom from column obstruction / upright interference. Standard-duty cantilever racks offer efficient, organized storage of longer, oddly-sized materials. These racks are heavily constructed with many arm size and type options to meet a variety of storage needs. these racks have bolted arm connections with a heavy arm connector plate as well as welded column-to-base connections.

Pallet Rack Accessories
Post Protector: Post protector is one of the pallet rack accessories are designed to protect the rack uprights from being hit by forklift traffic, or pallets that are stored in the rack bays. We offer sizes to fit around any rack upright width.
Row Spacer: Row Spacer is one of the pallet rack accessories you need for keep consistent spacing between back to back sections of pallet racks by using row spacers, which bolt into the punched sides of adjacent frames.

Pallet Racking Aisle Guards: Aisle Guards is one of the pallet rack accessories you need for protect your rack from forklift damaged. End of aisle rack protectors are anchored at the end of pallet rack rows protecting the end of a pallet rack aisle from forklift damage.
Pallet Support: Pallet supports bars are one of the pallet rack accessories designed to connect over the pallet rack beams of a pallet rack system to support the bottom of load and reinforce the system as a whole.

Pallet Rack Beam Drop Pin: This safety clip universal drop pin replaces old or missing pins in many styles of pallet racking. When ordering used pallet racks, order safety pins to secure each beam.

• Universal fit.
• Easy to install.
• Rust and corrosion resistant zinc plated.
• Low cost replacement.

Wedge Anchor: One option for fastening pallet racks is the use of a concrete wedge anchor. Wedge anchors are available in a variety of diameters and lengths and are specifically designed for use in solid concrete.
Pallet Rack Shim Plate: You may use the pallet rack shim plate to make sure your rack uprights are level. The shim plate easily nests under the footplate of the upright. The leveling shim plate comes unpainted. Shim plate can fit all pallet racks. You can use multiple shim plates to make a level and secure installation.

Used Pallet Racks
Used pallet racks allows you maximize your facility’s storage. Warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities around the world utilize pallet racking more than any other equipment for palletized product storage. Used pallet rack can save you money due to the price and time because of availability. Our most common style is Teardrop Pallet Racking. It allows access to each pallet in storage and has a universal design. It has a teardrop punch that allows it to be universal with most manufactures. There are other great styles of pallet racking as well. All of which have their benefits to the specific application.

Pallet Rack Shelving
Pallet rack shelving can literally be the backbone of your warehouse’s organization. The big picture of your organization includes material handling costs and your pallet rack shelving system can help with space utilization (efficiency), accessibility, handling time, order fulfillment speed and acquisition costs. Ensure that your products are secure, safe and support the profitability of your organization. Our rigid pallet racks were created with durability and your bottom line in mind. We have a wide selection of industrial strength pallet rack shelving for your warehouse rack storage and business needs.

Used Commercial Shelving
Used commercial shelving is perfect for the the warehouse, home, office, and even the garage. Our steel shelving is one of the most versatile storage types we offer. The clip type steel shelving system means your shelves can be configured to meet any need, from the personal to the commercial.

Material Handling Equipment
We are one of the leading supplier and consultant of Material handling Equipment in the Pennsylvania State. Our wide range of materials and state-of-the-art design and consulting services will bring the best solution for all your needs. We offers...

Pallet Jacks
United Rack Solutions offers a variety of new pallet jacks. A manual pallet jack is a hand powered jack most commonly seen in retail and personal warehousing operations. They are used predominantly for lifting, lowering and steering pallets from one place to another. The types of pallet jacks include lowered height pallet jacks, low profile pallet jacks, stainless steel pallet jacks, scissor lift pallet jacks & specialized pallet jacks are available. Pallet jacks can handle load capacities around 5,500 lbs.

Dock Plates And Dock Boards
Small and large operations alike have need for light weight, hand portable, dock ramps for use with hand carts and manual pallet jacks. Dock plates and dock boards are very different and often called by the wrong name. Choosing the correct SIZE and CAPACITY of equipment helps improve your dock operation. These factors are determined by length, width, height differential and capacity.

Pallet Floor Scales
Pallet floor scales feature a low profile design for easy loading and unloading. The range incorporates a non-slip checkered plate for added grip. Heavy duty rubber feet support the four load cells ensuring quality and longevity of the bases. The platforms come with digital display.

Self Dumping Hoppers
A self dumping hoppers is a container used to temporarily store trash so that they can be dumped easily. These rugged, welded steel hoppers solve your bulk handling problems and increase productivity. Self dumping hoppers are designed for forklift handling, dump safely from any height and are precisely balanced to tip forward for complete discharge of contents. Easier to use than conventional barrels or collection drums.

Our Other Services
Warehouse Design and Layout
Our warehouse design consultants create warehouse designs and layout that maximize capacity and achieve the desired service levels at reduced cost. The design includes the detailed physical layout of the operation and also an operations manual to ensure the best possible utilization of your new layout.

Warehouse design and layout directly affects the efficiency of any business operation, from manufacturing and assembly to order fulfillment. Whether you’re planning a shipping operation or designing your space around manufacturing or assembly stations, a sound layout is essential.

Designing a warehouse layout seems like a simple undertaking, but it’s actually quite complex. Infect, the warehouse design and layout can make or break your operation’s productivity, impacting picking time, labor hours, and even increasing safety risks through poor traffic flow.
Pallet Rack Installation

Our Project Management team, along with our team leads will oversee the entire project from start to finish. Our uniformed Installation team is manufacturer certified and has large experience, able to efficiently receive, install, maintain and expand your Pallet Rack storage system.

Our installation crews are capable of installing mezzanines, industrial rack shelving, cantilever rack, workstations and other unique products. Also, because our crews are able to provide turnkey services, greater control of your project is gained, and lead times are shortened considerably, saving you valuable operation time.

Tear down and Relocation Service
As anybody who has taken on a larger project knows, a good warehouse project manager is the key to getting things done quickly, efficiently and most of all, correctly. Our skilled project managers are able to coordinate all aspects of any project to bring together all the pieces to make a whole. With warehouse installations, tear down and relocation, the lynchpin of many projects is coordinating multiple engineers, contractors and inspectors. We can work with your people on-site to ensure a safe working environment, accurate inventory control, final system testing and inspection sign-offs by all involved parties.

We Buy Warehouse Equipments
We make warehouse equipment liquidation fast and easy. When you need to sell used warehouse equipment, we can give you the best prices. Whether you are downsizing or going out of business, reshuffling and clearing out warehouse equipment you no longer use, or are in need of quick cash, we can help.

Our well trained and insured team can dismantle large warehouse storage systems nationwide. We will work with you to provide the best solution to provide maximum value for your used equipment. We can buy your equipment’s at the best price and get you fast cash for your used equipment. Our experience and resources will enable you to meet all of your deadlines and successfully complete your project safely and effectively.

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