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Being vaccinated with 'lightning speed', Israel still struggled with Covid-19


Despite having vaccinated more than half of the population, outpacing other countries, Israel still recorded 1,400 Covid-19 deaths in January.

Israel leads the world vaccination race, with more than 20% of the population fully vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine and 37% receiving at least one shot. The government aims to vaccinate 5 million citizens, including more than half of the adult population, by mid-March, just before the next scheduled election on March 23.

The Middle East country began its immunization campaign by prioritizing the oldest citizens and those with serious underlying medical conditions. The strategy worked, as cities with high immunization rates reported a 50% decrease in the number of nCoV infections, a 40% decrease in hospital admissions and a 15% decrease in the number of serious cases.

"Vaccination is a very effective measure," said Professor Eran Segal at the Weizmann Research Institute in Israel, said.

Israel should be celebrating, but in fact, the country has not escaped the "nightmare" with the epidemic in January is still devastating. 1,400 Covid-19 deaths have been reported, accounting for about one-third of all deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Most of these are elderly people who have not been vaccinated in time.

Medical staff injected Covid-19 vaccine of Pfizer-BioNtech to people in Hod Hasharon city, Israel, on February 4. Photo: AFP.
Medical staff injected Covid-19 vaccine of Pfizer-BioNtech to people in Hod Hasharon city, Israel, on February 4. Photo: AFP.

Last week, Maccabi, one of four health protection organizations in Israel, said that out of 163,000 people fully vaccinated with two doses of Covid-19 vaccine, 92% do not get the virus after 10 days. However, in a control group of unvaccinated Israelis, the rate of infection was reported 11 times higher.

The hospital system in Israel is now overflowing with younger people who have not yet been vaccinated with Covid-19. Israel is not able to achieve a state of full public immunity until children have also had access to the vaccine.

Israel's struggles with Covid-19 is not due to the unsuccessful vaccination campaign, but because the majority of the country's population refuses to comply with restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus, still holds practice events. Middle crowded people like weddings and funerals.

In theory, Israel has been under a blockade for the past three weeks and is expected to end by the end of this week, but the people's sense of execution has been rated poor. Even the blockade proponents conceded the move didn't help much in curbing nCoV. The positive signal about the infection rate is attributed to the impact of the vaccination campaign.

The main reason is believed to be that the majority of the orthodox Jewish community does not accept preventive measures unless they have received approval from the high clergy. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also recently eased his push for Chaim Kanievsky, a 93-year-old cleric who has a vast influence on the network of orthodox Jewish schools, to cooperate in compliance with a nationwide school shutdown.

On the morning of January 31, despite the strict prohibition of crowdsourcing, about 10,000 orthodox Jews in Israel still attended the funeral of cleric Meshulam Soloveitchik, who the media reported was infected with the nCoV. through the streets of Jerusalem. A police spokesman said the force was powerless.

In addition, the rise of the pandemic is partly due to new strains of nCoV in the UK and South Africa. In response to this situation, Israel closed Ben Gurion International Airport, allowing only urgent passengers and cargo through the gate. The overland route with Egypt and Jordan was also blocked.

Despite the despair of Israelis stuck abroad, Prime Minister Netanyahu is determined to deal with the threat from outside. At the World Economic Forum conference in Switzerland last week, he said the emergence of a strain that deactivates the current Covid-19 vaccines "is only a matter of time".

As a result, Israel will probably eventually face challenges that cannot be solved by injections alone.