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The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless X

While Razer has typically focused on making gaming accessories, the business now has a foothold in other industries, too. This company also offers less glamorous add-ons, such as the COVID-19 gas mask with RGB lights and specs that include built-in speakers. This is a new example of TWS Hammerhead True Wireless X.

The sound quality and features tailored toward gamers' needs are all outlined in the product design It is easier to use and easy to understand than the Pro version that was introduced in late 2020.

delays of 60 ms and the capability to adjust a green LED are included
The direct successor to True Wireless was introduced in 2019, and it is what is known as True Wireless X. This headset has 13 mm drivers, which is a decent size for its class, and is said to provide decent sound quality.

One of the key benefits that game developers will get from this product is the 60 ms delay of sound reproduction. Common headphones (without sound) have a delay ranging from 150 to 300 milliseconds, and in rare occasions, other latencies ranging from 150 to 300 milliseconds. For a great gaming experience, it is important to keep playing time as short as possible to minimize the feeling of game audio and video being out of sync.

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