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Marketing strategies you can use to market a mobile app

The mobile application market is growing at a tremendous rate. In the last year, 2020, 218 billion mobile apps were downloaded. That signifies the importance of launching an app right now. However, most of the apps turn out to be less successful than envisioned.

While the first thought always leads to issues with development, most times, it is, in fact, the lack of promotion. Designing an attractive app is not enough. That is why <a href=" development companies</a> are now focusing on different marketing strategies. Your customers must know about the app for them to use it, How to promote their mobile app, etc.

Different ways to promote your mobile application

There are various ways that app development companies can market their app. Check out some of the strategies listed here.

· Optimization of the app for the app stores

Most of the app searches indeed occur in the Apple Store and Google Play Store nowadays. That is why ASO or App store optimization is so crucial. Similar to SEO, ASO considers keyword density, search relevance, and keyword relevance.
To ensure that your app is discoverable, make sure to optimize the app. For this, you must choose the perfect app name and a compelling app description.

· Contact influencers

The best way to generate buzz within a broader spectrum of people is to contact popular influencers. These are individuals that have the power to sway the opinions of the people over a particular product.
That is why most app development companies seek to build an authentic relationship with influencers. To create the most genuine approach, ask influencers if they are genuinely interested in your product.

· Create a compelling landing page

Building an effective landing page is the key to the success of your mobile app. It is vital to keep in mind that this is the first page that the customers will see. As such, you need to make it attractive to increase customer engagement. Make sure that the download of the app link is much more prominent than other social media buttons.

· Get customer feedback

Encouraging customer feedback is a double-edged sword. If you are afraid of criticism or bad press, then this option is not for you. However, the best way to let your customers know that you value their suggestions is to ask for ratings and reviews. Most app development companies urge customers to rate their products on app stores and other review sites.

· Use the existing website.

If you already have a functional website, you can leverage it to promote your app. You can dedicate a section of the site to the app. Here, you can describe the different features of the app and highlight the innovative ones. Moreover, you can try using a pop-up display to remind them of the app.

· Write a blog

Another way app development companies market their apps is by writing a high-quality blog. You can dedicate the entire blog to the app and make sure that you include all the details. At last, you must add a CTA or call to action, urging the viewers to engage in downloading the app. Make sure that you let the audience know how your app can benefit them.

· Leverage social media

One of the most underutilized ways to market your app is to take advantage of social media platforms. Use Facebook or Instagram to post promotional content on the platform. The best way to reach a wider audience is to repost the same message with different content to highlight the launching of the app.

· Get featured in an authority blog.

When you Google search the best “your category” app, most of the top positions are occupied by authority blogs. You can get in touch with the blog owners and ensure a feature to promote your app further. App development companies use this tactic to attain more exposure and traffic. Moreover, you also get an excellent review of the app, which encourages more users to check it out.

· Make a demo video

Demo videos are one of the best ways to highlight the interesting features of your app. Make a 30-second short video with an intriguing approach. For this, let your creative teamwork on the idea. Moreover, you can integrate this demo video in different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, blogs, YouTube, etc. You must update the videos at regular intervals.
· Consider SEO
Wondering what role SEO can play in promoting apps? Well, a big one! When consumers search for a particular app on Google, your app should rank on the first page. For this, app development companies implement excellent SEO techniques. You must identify the targeted keywords to attain a rank in the search engine. Moreover, you must also concentrate on developing quality links.

· Take advantage of a podcast.

Slowly but steadily, the podcasts are gaining popularity all over the world. Hover, this is still less competitive when compared to blogs and articles. Now is the best time to use podcasts for the promotion of the app. First of all, you need to identify the target audience and then select podcasts to appeal to them. After that, you must get a feature on the podcasts to market the app. It is one of the best ways to get access to a large audience base.

· Design an intriguing app icon

There are millions of apps in the app stores. The only way that app development companies can distinguish their app is to create a compelling app icon. It is the first thing that users come across. For this, choose a unique symbol and select contrasting colors. Avoid both text and photos as it can create confusion.

· Take part in app awards.

You can participate in in-app competitions and be eligible for app awards. That will give you more exposure while promoting the credibility of the app. However, the winning of the awards depends on the app idea and your description of it.

· Opt for app review websites

Getting a feature on popular app review websites can garner a considerable amount of traffic. But, for that, you will have to convince them for the review. Moreover, it is advisable not to pressure them into saying only good stuff. Let the review be genuine!
After their approval, app development companies send links, written information about the app. Moreover, videos can also be sent to integrate into the review.

· Give coupons
Coupons and discounts are excellent ways to promote an app. You can share these on your website or send them via email id.

There are numerous ways that <a href=" development companies</a> can promote the apps. Moreover, you don't have to spare an excessive amount for marketing the product. With effective marketing strategies, it is possible to promote the app for free. You can try answering questions about the application on different forums or pen a high-quality blog.
The most vital factor is that you must pay attention to customer feedback. If you make them feel valued and appreciated, they will return it to you. However, keep in mind that what works for one app might not work for another. It is not a one-size-fits-all thing!

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