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Indonesian Patio Furniture

Indonesian Patio Furniture is made of mostly teak wood. The beautiful tables, chairs, benches, recliner chairs, as well as many more designs as well as modern minimalist shapes, ergonomic to traditional antique shapes and full of original carvings typical of Jepara which is the center of Indonesian furniture. Comfort is the main factor that becomes the focal point of Indonesia Patio Furniture, because it is indeed the comfort factor that can make the atmosphere on the patio to be supportive to relax. Workmanship details are carried out carefully so as to produce a product that is not kidding, so that it can satisfy the wearer.

Indonesian Patio Furniture is made and comes from selected wood materials, sourced from official, legal teak, plantation products that are managed continuously by the Government Agency, Perhutani, which has decades of experience managing plantations and production plantations.

Must be careful in choosing Indonesia Furniture, because legal wood certainly has a legal certificate, while illegal wood does not have the intended certificate, so all materials must already have the original certificate. The teak forest plant cycle itself is usually a 20-year cycle, and each area has been arranged in such a way that it will not run out of raw materials and everything will remain sustainable.

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