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How to Save the Maximum Cost of Bike Transport Process in Delhi?

Summary: To all the Delhiites that are planning to shift to Chandigarh for much impetus must know the tactics of saving at least 30% of the total cost of bike transport in Delhi( Now, you must be wondering who is not aware of these things. Of course, who’s not?

You must be wondering but this is a fact that people are very less aware of these things. So, the following are the points to save the money that you need to ponder:

1. By the Strength of Reference Portals
2. Online Booking of Chhota Hathi on Rent
3. Customizing the Overall Assistance
4. Dejunking the House Beforehand
5. Avoid Warehouses and Reach Pune On-Time
6. The Crux

Now, let us discuss in detail:

• By the Strength of Reference Portals: There are a plethora of reference portals available where you will get the best options of the bike shifting companies such as LogisticMart, Assureshift, FindMovers, MoveMyCar, UrbanClap etc. These are the bridging companies that will provide you with the best and reliable sources of the movers.

Here, we are providing you with the cost of relocation of the bike so that you can compare them with the prevailing prices in the market:

Engine/Power/Types--------------------------------------------------------Up to 400 Km
100cc - 150cc Bike----------------------------------------------------------2,000 - 3,500
150cc - 200cc Bike----------------------------------------------------------2,400-3,600
200cc - 250cc Bike----------------------------------------------------------2,700-3,900
250cc - 350cc Bike----------------------------------------------------------2,800-3,800
350cc - 500cc Bike----------------------------------------------------------2,800-3,800
Sports Bike--------------------------------------------------------------------4,500-7,000
Cruiser Sports Bike---------------------------------------------------------5,000-8,500
Off Road Sports Bike-------------------------------------------------------6,000-9,000

• Online Booking of Chhota Hathi on Rent: Apart from all the methods, there are many companies that are also providing you with the best options of transferring the bike or car from one place to another. So, companies can provide you with the chhota hathi as well where you can track the system of transferring and route as well.

• Customizing the Overall Assistance: If you do not want any services for your bike such as packing and unpacking or loading or unloading then you can eliminate the process of these things. It will also cost you less and mitigate the prices of the bike shifting in Delhi(

• Dejunking the House Beforehand: You can clear off the displeasing and old items from your bike such as the old mirror of the bike or other accessories that you do not like.

• Avoid Warehouses and Reach On-Time: Always reach on time neither before nor after the basic time that you have given to your relocation company. For delivering the bike or car, it will take only 2 days from one place to another state. You will never find any delay in the process that may cause you extra money for keeping your belongings to the warehouse.

The End Notes

All in all, the above discussed-methods of mitigating the charges of the bike or car transport in Delhi( will help you to the most extent. So, if you are also a seeker of the good services ever then it will definitely save your 45% of the cost of the bike relocation process. So, you should choose any reliable company for that process. This will help you to get indulged into the rigorous negotiations with the company. Usually, most of the moving companies are sitting idle and burning holes into the pockets of the customers. So, choose wisely and think that you would be availing of the best services ever in life. So, all the best and get ready to give us a call today only. So that you would be getting the best that you have ever dreamt of.

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