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FixThePhoto Online Service

FixThePhoto Photo Editor is an online photo editor, which can come in handy dealing with simple tasks like image resizing, and for more advanced operations – creating web pages, illustrations and portrait photo editing. It was created by the FixThePhoto photo editing company that offer photo editing services since 2003.

Trying to satisfy to the needs of a vast array of users, the developers supplied this online editor with all basic tools and features, which means you can start editing photos with masks, layers, filters, vector shapes, smart objects, layer styles and many more. It is a very budget-friendly choice for amateurs.

FixThePhoto Overview
FixThePhoto Photo Editor is optimized for smooth work in any browser. The functionality of this editor can satisfy both beginner users and retouchers, who are used to working in specialized software.

There you can find all the necessary tools for deep edits, for example, adjusting HSL, as well as for specific improvements like removing the background.

FixThePhoto Photo Editor allows you to open several documents (for example, JPG-images) simultaneously and switch between them by selecting the one you want to work with.

Being a feature-rich program, it remains a nice option for users on a tight budget, who can enjoy all the presented features for free.

No Download Required

Though there are lots of programs designed specifically for image editing, most of them require downloading and installation on your device. Any time you need to use them, even for a simple edit, you have to start the program and wait for several minutes until everything is ready for work. This is rather an annoying thing to do especially if you have a busy schedule.

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