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Dot Net Training teaches how to safeguard Public APIs

What are ASP.NET Core Secure Public APIs? Covered in dot net training
A dot net training would tell you that ASP.NET Core is a prevalent framework. The advantages of this framework comprises of features such as cross-platform execution, high-performance, built-in Dependency Injection and modular HTTP request pipeline. A dot net training would tell you more about this framework.
What is the challenge of ASP.NET CORE? Covered in dot net training
A dot net training would tell one that ASP.NET Core gives support to several authentication providers to protect the app through various authentication workflows. Nevertheless, in many scenarios, developers and companies have to offer a web application or website that depends on on unauthenticated APIs with anonymous access. When there is no protected layer of security, the specific web architecture culd be a security risk that may be misused by hackers.
Moving on to various security control in ASP.Net
What are the various security Controls available in ASP.NET? covered in dot net training?
There are various security controls in the form of security controls in ASP.Net which is covered in dot net training. They are:
• Cross-Site Scripting
• SQL Injection,
• Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
• Open redirects

How could developers further secure their apps ? also taught in dot net training
Dot net training teaches aspiring developers how they can secure their apps from other attacks. They include:
• Distributed denial-of-service (DDOS)
• Denial-of-service (DOS)
• Bulk data egress
• Probe response
• Scraping

What are the steps that can be taken to secure apps/sites?
The two steps that one gets to secure apps or websites taught in Dot net training are:
1. Referer header checks
2. Rate-limiting
They are given below:
Applying an IP Based Request Limit Action Filter
Dot net training would teach developers how they can restrict users to a number of requests within the stipulated time span to avoid malicious bot attacks. Developers would need to add ActionAttribute on top of Controller Action to apply the filter.
Include Referer Check Action Filter
Dot net training would tell developers how they can prevent PIs from abuse and provide additional protection against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. Here, a security attack would be performed on the request Referer header for every REST API request sent to the server. Developers just need to add Action Attribute on top of Controller Action.
These were the various steps that can be used to secure apps taught in dot net training.
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